At Deaf Services Unlimited we’re all about connecting people. Facilitating communication between Deaf people and hearing people is our business… and nobody does it better. We understand you want the process to be hassle-free and uncomplicated. With DSU, you’ll get nothing less. Scheduling an interpreter through DSU is as simple as making one call and we are available 24 hours a day to serve you anytime you need us.


PGPinc3159 What our clients are saying about DSU:

“DSU is a quality member of the team...”

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video remote interpreting (VRI)

We get it. You want clear, hassle-free communications solutions. That’s what DSU VRI can provide for your business or organization. Imagine having the capability to access a qualified interpreter using simply high speed internet and your existing videoconferencing or web-based video equipment. read more

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Deaf Services Unlimited is your first and only call when a customer, patient, or client who uses sign language to communicate comes to you for service.
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interpreted events

Find out what concerts, theatre performances, university lectures, fashion shows, conferences and political events are being Interpreted. If it's where people gather, it's where our interpreters are interpreting!
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See how easy it is to schedule an Interpreter from DSU. Whether you need an on-site interpreter, video remote interpreter, captioning services or just a quote for service, click away. You can submit your request and expect to hear from us promptly.
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